Barra de molibdênio

       Molybdenum bar features in high melting point, good ductility, excellent elongation, is applied to make the ion implantation parts, lighting and electronic vacuum devices. For its heat resistant feature, it is used to make structural components in high temperature conditions. Moreover, molybdenum bar is employed in electrodes for smelter in glass and refractory fiber industries. It is used as electrode in tombarthite industry.

       Molybdenum Disulphide Molybdenum disulphide is an essential additive and catalyst in making molybdenum bars and molybdenum compound. Molybdenum disulphide is black solid powder with metallic luster, it is known for its lubrication action. Actually, our company use the best solid molybdenum disulphide during the molybdenum processing.

       Our molybdenum rods are available in the following conditions:

       Composições Químicas em Barra de Molibdênio:

Composição Química (%)
Tipo Mo
Mo1 ≥99,95
       Molybdenum Bar Specifications And Main Properties:

Especificação Principais Propriedades
Diâmetro (milímetro) Comprimento (milímetro) Densidade (g/cm3) Dureza (HB) Resistividade (cm)
1-110 ≥10.2 ≥120 6.63×10-6
       Impurity Content Of Molybdenum Bar:
Grau O teor de impurezas não é superior a %
Mo-1 Fe 0.01
Ni 0.005
Al 0.002
Si 0.01
Mg 0.002
C 0.01
N 0.002
O 0.008